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Best Bike Rack for your car with spoiler

Top 10 Bike Rack For Cars With Spoiler

If you are planning to go cycling to some exotic location and want to take your bike with you then a bike rack for cars with spoiler is a must-have for you. Some cars may accommodate a bike in their trunk but what if you are traveling with your family or friends and want to bring multiple bikes? You don’t want to get stuck with rented bikes. We know shopping for bike rack for cars with spoilers will be a wholly strange domain for you. But worry not! with this article, you have the characteristics of the best bike racks and top picks at your disposal.

What is a bike rack for cars with spoiler?

bike racks for car with spoilers are an easy and efficient way to transport your bike through long distances. Most of the bikers all around the world used to face restrictions when it came to far-away expeditions. They either had to use the allotted bikes which they were unfamiliar with. Or they had to ship their bikes which was harmful to both their pocket and the bike.

Noticing this problem, inventors jumped in and rolled out bike rack for car with spoiler. In simpler terms, they were the handles that could hold the bike or bikes outside the car enabling you to travel anywhere you want with them.


There are mainly three types of bike racks that one can choose from. These types are classified due to their position of adherence. All three of these types are described below.


Trunk bike racks are most commonly used due to their ease of use and convenience. They can easily be strapped with the rear door of your car and can contain up to 4 bikes. When not in use, they can be folded down in the trunk. Putting them on and off is also not much of a hassle.

They also come with arcs to make them more compatible with spoiler cars. All of the above traits make it the first choice for newbies. If you are also opting for trunk bike racks then put special focus on setting it up. This will make or break your bike racks for cars with spoilers.


The term rooftop bike rack is self-explanatory. They are attached to the roof while holding the tires of the bike strictly. These are the best options if you frequently use your rear door to put stuff in and out. Your bikes will sit comfortably on the roof of your car.

But someone will have to climb the car(depending on the model) each time they want to bring the bike up or down. This model is best suited for people who don’t want their rearview restricted.


This is the least known and used type of bike racks. This rack is literally towed to the car containing bikes in it. This is a complex unit but is quite durable. It also doesn’t restrict the rear end of the car rendering it accessible.

Unlike trunk racks, they can’t be put away when not in use. Once attached, you will be stuck with it your whole trip. They also tend to be more expensive than other bike racks. 

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Best Bike Rack For Cars With Spoiler

Bike rack for cars with spoiler has the utmost importance but they haven’t got the coverage they deserve. There isn’t adequate information present regarding the bike rack for car with spoilers. That’s why we have decided to describe the characters that distinct the best bike rack for spoiler.


No matter what you have to bear, never compromise on the durability of bike rack. I repeat. Never! The reason behind our stressing is that a weak bike rack can also take your beloved bike with you. A bike rack might not hold much importance but your bike certainly does.

Even worse than this, it can be a cause of an accident while you are on the road. You will have to take extra precautions for the sake of others too.

Plastic and fibers can be an excellent choice in some cases but they can’t hold a candle in front of Steel. It is always better to opt for a bike rack for cars with spoiler with Steel built. The downside to Steel built is that they are vulnerable to Rust. Your car will be facing rain, snow and Sun which may affect the longevity of your bike rack. But you can easily cope with it by ensuring that your bike rack car spoiler has Rust-protective paint coating on it.


Not every rear car bike rack will suit your specific car. These bike rack manufacturers offer different variants for different types of Cars. Every manufacturer has listed the suitability of bike racks with the car. So always give it a look before buying.


Even the slightest wobbling of the bike can damage your car. If you are lucky you will end up with few scratches. But if this swaying gets out of hand, anything can happen. That’s why manufacturers have rolled out additional cables and strong fibers to keep the bikes in place.


Soft padding is important for your bike and Car alike. Your Car and bike rack will definitely have to bear a few shocks. That’s why it is beneficial to have soft padded cradles that won’t rip off the paint from your bike.


Whether you are a novice or pro, your bike rack for cars with spoilers must be easy to operate. You may have to put bikes off and on several times a day. If they consume hours just for detaching and attaching the bike racks then it is a simple waste of time.


The moment you type bike racks on Amazon or Google, you will be presented with Hundreds of options to choose from. Definitely, there will be some good products there but they will be surrounded by a lot of substandard products. We have gone through the hassle of separating the best bike racks that fit over spoiler and listed them below.

1. Thule Raceway Pro Trunk Bike Rack



  • SIZE: 23x24x41 inches
  • WEIGHT: 22 lbs
  • BUILT: Plastic

This is one of the best bike rack for hatchback with spoilers due to its ease of use and light-weightiness. It is special built material consist of ABS plastic which keeps the weight to a minimum while still giving it durability.  Its arms have special rubbers installed which act as a cushion for bikes.

This product was specifically designed to accommodate factory-designed spoilers. They can still work with custom installed ones though.

It includes special SureTight cables that can swiftly attach the bike rack to your car. In addition to swiftness, they also provide security and shock resistance. Its rubber pads also protect the car from scratches.

Other than durability, its portability is also up to the notch. When not in use, you can comfortably fold the rack and put it in the trunk of your car.

  • Portable.
  • Durable built.
  • Strong cables.
  • Friction is minimized.
  • Its cradle has the tendency to swivel around.

2. Hollywood Racks Over-The-Top Trunk Mounted Bike Rack



  • SIZE:19x10x33 inches
  • WEIGHT: 21 lbs
  • BUILT: Steel

These bike racks for hatchback cars with spoilers can contain up to three bikes weighing anything less than 35 pounds. Its amazing strength comes from its powerful built. It is a full steel structure that has plastic straps and rubber cradles.

With steel built, its durability is already guaranteed. But the most amazing feat of this model is its ability to seize the bikes forcefully rendering them non-motile. They can’t even move an inch under its tight grasp. If the bikes still manage swivel, they have rubber cradles already in place to avoid any damage to your bikes.

It is also extremely easy to install. You don’t even have to assemble it. The manufacturers made sure that the product reaches your doorstep fully organized. All you have to do is install it which isn’t that much of rocket science.

  • Easy to use and extremely portable.
  • Rubber cradles.
  • Weight is too low.
  • Is not compatible with cruiser bikes.

3. Rhino Rack 2 Bike Hitch Carrier



  • SIZE: 37-17-8 inches
  • WEIGHT: 29 lbs
  • BUILT: Steel
  • VEHICLE COMPATIBILITY: SUV, Minivan or truck

This trunk bike rack with spoiler is best-suited for minivans and SUVs. This model can carry up to 2 bikes easily. This bike rack that fits over spoiler is designed for adventurers that are planning to go solo. This model is designed keeping in mind the priorities of every solo adventurer.

If you are planning to cycle on a rocky terrain then don’t fear the ditches. This rack has 2-inch hitch receivers to absorb the shocks. Your bike rack will appear to float over the ditches thanks to such strong absorbers.

As if this wasn’t enough, this model also has foamed cradles to avoid tinting the paint job on your bike. One thing we can guarantee about this model is that your bikes will be provided safety level like they are still resting in your garage.

It also doesn’t restrict your access to the rear door. Thanks to the folding arm, your rack can be tilted paving your way to the rear of your car. You don’t even have to compromise on portability. These racks have foldable arms which makes them easily maneuverable.

  • Padded cradles for stress coping.
  • Can contain bike of every sort.
  • 2 bike carrying capacity which is acceptable.
  • Special 2-inch shock absorbers installed.
  • Bikes are allowed to sway due to the absence of swaying stopping the feature.

4. Retrospec Lenox Car Rack



  • WEIGHT: 25 lbs
  • LOADING CAPACITY: 35 lbs per hook
  • BUILT: Steel and plastic

There are some products that are so cheap that you are compelled to second guess their quality. This is certainly one of those products but doesn’t lag behind in areas concerning quality. Astonishingly Retrospec Lenox has even succeeded in surpassing some of the high-end products.

Primary example will be its bike carrying capabilities. They can easily contain 5 bikes with utmost protection. Every hook contains single straps to individually tie the cycles down to ensure maximum protection. These hooks are composed of Plastic but still aren’t week. Every single hook is capable of carrying a bike weighing anywhere below 35 lbs.

  • Frame built is steel to maximize durability.
  • 5 bike carrying capacity which is more than enough.
  • Foldable ensuring portability.
  • Individual straps for bikes.
  • Isn’t compatible with big cars.

5. Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B



  • BUILT: Steel
  • SIZE: 20-15-9 inches
  • WEIGHT: 27 lbs
  • VEHICLE COMPATIBILITY: Minivan, SUV, Hatchback, Sedan

This is also another product specific for sole cyclists. It only can store 1 bike at a time which is both good and bad considering your requirements. 2 or 3 bike carrying models is also available. The most important aspect of this rear bike rack car is its assembling. These bikes come pre-installed and you don’t have to do a single thing.

It has steel buckles to hold your bike effectively. It has padded cradles on so that steel doesn’t end up scratching your bike.

  • No assembling required.
  • Steel buckles also add durability.
  • Warrantied product.
  • Cradles are padded.
  • This bike rack isn’t capable of folding which restricts portability to some extent.

6. IKURAM 4 Bike Rack Bicycle Carrier



  • BUILT: alloy of steel
  • SIZE: 27-14-3 inches
  • WEIGHT: 244 lbs
  • VEHICLE PORTABILITY: Minivan, SUV, Truck, Sedans

This trunk mount bike rack for car with spoiler consists of two arms to accommodate 4 bikes easily. Even with 4 bikes loaded, you can still access your rear door as this bike rack can slide down.

The most amazing feat of this model is its compatibility. It can be installed on almost every car. Whether you have an SUV or a sedan, you can set it up.

  • 2 inch shock absorber.
  • Durable steel built.
  • 4 bike carrying capacity.
  • Rear door is accessible.
  • Portable as arms can be folded down.
  • Straps have room for improvement.

7. Saris Bones, EX, and Super Bike Rack



  • SIZE: 22-16-8 inches
  • WEIGHT: 10 lbs
  • VEHICLE COMPATIBILITY: Passenger Car, Minivan, SUV
  • BUILT: Plastic

This trunk mount bike rack for car with spoiler is composed of plastic. Plastic has its own plus and negative points. You may have to compromise on the strength and durability but it provides light-weightiness and portability.

Its arms are also rubber padded which strongly clench to the bikes. This rear mounted car bike rack can be installed on the car with or without spoilers. Other than this, it also offers versatility in terms of compatibility. As you can set it up on literally any car.

  • Lighter weight.
  • Versatility of utility.
  • 2 bike carrying capacity.
  • In terms of durability and strength, it needs improvement.

8. Hollywood Racks Expedition Trunk Mounted Bike Rack



  • BUILT: Alloy of steel and Aluminium
  • LOADING CAPACITY(weight): 35 lbs
  • LOADING CAPACITY(quantity): 2 bikes

If your main priority is portability and ease of use then this is the right product for you. A steel-aluminum alloy is used in this trunk bike rack for car with spoiler to keep it both light-weight and durable. The whole unit is factory-assembled to further decrease your hassle.

The connection point of these bike racks is padded with foam to effortlessly install on your car. This rack also provides the versatility of usage as it can be mounted on any type of vehicle ranging from SUV to Sedan.

They also have foamed cradles that other than cushioning your bike also keep them in place with their anti-swaying mechanism.

  • Anti-swaying cradles
  • Can be mounted on every type of car.
  • Pre-assembling allows ease of installing and use.
  • Foldability is available.
  • Strapping bikes require extra precaution.

9. Saris Bones Car Trunk Bike Rack



  • SIZE: 30x8x30 inches.
  • WEIGHT: 10 lbs.
  • BIKE CAPACITY: 2 bikes.

This is one of the best bike racks for car with spoilers in terms of specs and cost. This unit was built from 100% recyclable material and is as light as air. This bike rack also has arcs to separate bikes and can fit over several cars. Other than this, it also has padded cradles to protect it against scratches.

This rack will also bring a sense of style to your car with its sleek design. This rack can contain 2 bikes weighing anywhere below 35 lbs each. It has a special ABS rubber-coated base to tightly grip the surface of the car without damaging it. It also offers durability and portability as it is foldable and can fit in your trunk.

  • Ease in manoeuvering.
  • ABS rubber coated hooks.
  • Can be mounted on every car.
  • Durable.
  • Number of bikes is limited.

10. Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S



  • SIZE: 25 x 4 x 3 inches
  • WEIGHT: 13 lbs
  • VEHICLE COMPATIBILITY: Minivan, SUV, Hatchback, Sedan

This is another Steel and aluminum alloy to allow both strength and portability. This model is quite famous among younger people due to its attractive design, low cost and amazing features. This three-bike carrying rack has rubbers installed on the tips of its arms to give both safety and strength. These rubbers act as an anti-wobbling agent holding the bikes in place.

It has a vinyl coating on so don’t worry about it hurting the finishing of your car. It also has warranty so your investment will be safe. Its versatility enables it to be mounted on every type of car. This portability, easiness, low cost and advanced features are some of the characteristics that attract buyers all around the world.

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy installation.
  • Can be used with almost every type of car.
  • Vinyl and rubber-coated
  • The grip on the bikes loosens with time.


When buying for bike rack for cars with spoiler, you will have to accumulate several factors. Compatibility with your car and bike, carrying capacity of the bike rack, cobbling tendencies, reviews of several products etc. To get rid of all this hassle for you, we have gone through each and every detail of the above products and brought you their both positive and negative characteristics. We are hopeful that by now, you have chosen a product or at least figured out the characteristics to look for in your bike rack



In most cases the answer is yes. You can use your bike rack for cars with or without spoiler. Yet there are some exceptions. Some products are specified for either one of the types. But in such cases, the vendor has stated clearly their compatibility.

But worry not, almost all of our above products are compatible with both types.

The process may vary from model to model but in most cases, the bikes are either strapped or hooked or both. You will have to loop around the straps

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